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Composer Amy Scurria

Librettist Zane Corriher

Adaptation of Lewis Carroll's novel

Who Are We

The opera begins with a prologue where the White Rabbit invites the flowers and the audience to journey with Alice into Wonderland. After experiencing the charm and complexity of flowers through her expanded consciousness, Alice follows the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. She is trapped by the Caterpillar who poses the decisive question, “Who are you?” Alice continues her exploration in the kitchen of a Duchess where there is a pig and too much pepper. She meets the Cheshire Cat who encourages her to visit the Queen to find her authentic self. Then, Alice stumbles upon a tea party where the Mad Hatter and the March Hare are stuck in Time. 


Act II opens with Alice wandering through Wonderland feeling lost and alone. She encounters the Cheshire Cat who will not travel with her because Alice does not know who she is yet. The Cheshire Cat explains that Alice needs to see the Queen to reach self-realization. Alice finds the Queen’s processional only to discover that the Queen is a tyrant who is controlling her citizens through fear. The Queen threatens to chop off Alice’s head but acquiesces at the King’s request for a match of croquet to determine Alice’s fate.  The croquet game is played unfairly by the Queen and her subjects. When Alice accuses the Queen of cheating, she is scheduled for a trial. The King reflects on the controlling Queen while writing a letter of caution and encouragement to Alice. After a wild trial, Alice discovers herself and her worth after confronting the Queen and all the characters of Wonderland. 

Director’s Notes


Lewis Carroll's Adventures in Wonderland has been reimagined countless times, but none quite like Amy Scurria's operatic version. In Alice: An Operatic Wonderland, audiences are transported to a whimsical world filled with magical creatures and enchanting music. Scurria's adaptation brings a new level of depth and emotion to the classic tale. Through soaring arias and stunning ensembles, we see Alice's transformation from curious young girl to brave adventurer. 


Amy Scurria and I met last summer at the National Women’s Theatre Festival and immediately wanted to collaborate. We dreamed of working together on her new opera Alice: An Operatic Wonderland. Red River Lyric Opera is delighted to present the festival premiere of Alice: An Operatic Wonderland! Amy Scurria has been working with us as our composer in residence during the rehearsal process. We are so excited and grateful for the opportunity to create an enriching experience for our company and community. 


In 1969, Salvador Dalí was commissioned by a Random House editor to illustrate an edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Our Wonderland is inspired by these surreal illustrations. Join Alice as she journeys through her neuro-expansive brain to discover her exceptional creativity and spirit.

- Grace Edgar

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