The Flow of Nature

In Christian thought and teaching there is a triangle that is used often to describe marriage. On the two bottom corners are the two people on either side, at the top vertex is God. The idea is that when the two rely on themselves, they remain far from each other, but when they both strive to be close to God, they move closer to one another.

There is so much to be learned from this. This idea of relying on ourselves or focusing on our own happiness. Wayne Dyer says that “happiness will find you when you love who you are”… When we stand at the base of that triangle and we are looking across at everything, it can be easy to get mired in the busyness of life, in its demands, its focus on accomplishments and goals and failures and wins. What happens when we take a breath and look up? And we step out of the busyness of our lives and no matter what is going on, no matter what bills are laying on the table waiting to be paid, no matter how many emails are screaming at us to be answered yesterday!…. what happens if we just take a single breath?… and step outside… yes, step outside. I don’t mean step outside of ourselves… but step outside into nature.

There is a flow in nature that never stops. It never falters. It just IS. And guess what? We are a part of that. But in the busyness of our lives, we somehow lose touch with that and we forget to connect to that flow. Like the triangle analogy, we stand at the base and look aimlessly around at each other wondering when we’ll feel complete, when we’ll feel happy. But if you step outside and connect (even for a moment) to nature, you will find that you already ARE complete. Your breath is the same breath of the whispering of the trees with the breeze swaying through their leaves. Your steps on the earth are the same steps taken by a wild wolf or a wily fox or a quiet swan stepping close to its mate as she protects her young. Those steps are connecting to the same force that is available to you and in you.

Take a moment to leave the base of that triangle… take a moment to take your shoes off. “But my feet might get dirty!”, you might say. To that, I say, yes! Let your feet feel the dirt. For in the dirt lies the essence of life. From the dirt we grow our food. From the dirt, a sapling reaches high towards the heavens. From the dirt, a child builds a mud pie. From the dirt a worm is snatched up by a hungry bird. From the dirt grows the most beautiful flowers. And from the dirt lies the most majestic of mountains. When you connect to that, you connect to all of these things and you connect to yourself. And when you do that, you will no longer have to wonder where you are… where your dreams went… who you are… because when you step in the dirt, your soul will find home and you will find that all of those things, the flow of all of life, the power of all of life, have always and will always reside right inside of you. All you need do is step up from the base of that triangle toward God / Nature and she will happily embrace you as if you never left… because you have always been there, and always will be there. YOU are nature, too. By loving nature, we ARE loving ourselves. And connecting to this truth is as close to you as a single breath or a single step.

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