Music as Meditation

I remember as a child being drawn to a quote by Heinrich Heine: "Where words leave off, music begins." It seemed to really appropriately capture how I thought about and approached music. When I couldn't come up with words to express myself (which was often as an introverted highly sensitive child), I would turn to music. In fact, I turned to music daily. Music essentially became my voice. Now as an adult, I've learned that words can come in handy.

I recently saw a license plate cover while at a stoplight. It reminded me of my favorite Heinrich Heine quote: "Music is what feelings sound like." I read it and immediately smiled. I smiled all the way home. As important as music has been in my life (and at certain points, it has meant everything to me - if only you could eat music, those starving artist days would have been a lot easier), I think often about what music might mean to everyone else - musician and non-musician alike.

Have you ever had one of those evenings where you just feel really blue? And you don't know what to do with the emotions? So, you indulge in a little pity party (come on, we all do it), play the saddest music you know, and just let the tears flow. Or - have you ever felt so excited that you just couldn't contain yourself? So, you turn on your favorite upbeat music and suddenly you are leaping about your house belting out your favorite lyrics - or playing air cello.

Meditation is a kind of opening up of yourself - to flow - to the moment - to what is. And that moment when you turn on your favorite music, suddenly your soul is no longer contained only within your own body, but it's all around you in the vibrations - in sound - and vice versa - the music, the vibration, the sound fills your body. And your soul and the music unite - in flow - in what is - in emotion. Suddenly it can all flow together. And what power exists when we all tap into this together as an audience! All of the souls merging into the sound. I used to sit at concerts and imagine all of the spirits dancing around above the music - living in the vibration of the sound.

So, go turn on some music - use it to release some tears. It's ok. Tears are good... and in our society, we hold our tears in too much sometimes. As I say to my daughter, it's okay to let your tears out. Releasing them, releasing all emotion, allows flow. Tap into joy, into excitement, into those many emotions that we just can't explain or capture with words - but somehow, music captures them perfectly.

Just as music can breathe life into your soul - so your soul can breathe life into music - just by going to a concert - by joining in with the dancing souls in the vibration of the sound.

I've never really been able to find God in a traditional church (nature and music are my church), but I've seen and felt the most powerful SPIRIT in music. Turn on some music - go to a concert - allow your spirit to fly in the sound of it all...

#music #heinrichheine #meditation #spirit #concerts #emotions #feelings

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