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April 21, 2023 at 7 PM - Baldwin Auditorium - A Mad Tea Party Scene from ALICE, An Operatic Wonderland.

Duke Opera Theater presents scenes from "Cinderella" (Massenet and Viardot versions), "Rusalka" (Dvořák), and "Alice, An Operatic Wonderland" (Amy Scurria, Ph.D. 2015), performed with costumes and staging, with pianist Daniel Seyfried. David Heid directs Duke Opera Theater.

Free admission.

July 2023 (Date TBA) - ALICE, An Operatic Wonderland with Chamber Orchestra

Red River Lyric Opera Festival

Directed by Grace Edgar

Conducted by Kristin Roach

Choreographed by ChristinaNoel Reeves

Spring 2024 (Date TBA) - ALICE, An Operatic Wonderland with Full Orchestra

University of Utah Opera

Directed by Robert Breault

March 14 - La Loba for full orchestra

East Chapel Hill High School Orchestra

Conducted by Ryan Ellefson

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