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Maureen O'Flynn, Soprano

Victoria Perl, Child Soprano

"A" Duet from the opera Pearl

This is Choral Union Community Chorus from Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA. This is 2007 fall concert conducted by Cícero Alves. The music composed by Amy Scurria is "And He Shall be Like a Tree". Cícero is also conductor of Coronlaine Show Choir, from Brazil.

This is a project I did for John Supko's class at Duke. I took a clip from Fritz Lang's Metropolis and juxtaposed segments from two of my works, Beyond All Walking and A Prayer.

Composed especially for the 2011 Canticles for Life AIDS Benefit concerts, with music by Amy Scurria, based on a poem by Jim Haba. The Triad Vocal Ensemble performs at the April 3, 2011 Canticles concert.

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